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Crown Equipment Corporation


Shot Blasting

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Crown is a company dedicated to the fabrication of forklift pieces and components. One of their primary processes is the surface preparation of mechanical pieces using an automated shot blasting machine to eliminate impurities in steel parts that are used in their forklifts.

To avoid contamination and settled dust inside the facility, they installed a dust collection system with a competitor’s 16-cartridge dust collector.

The customer was concerned because this unit had many leaks at the hopper, on the discharge devices, and most importantly, at the fan outlet. This posed a health and environmental hazard, produced product waste, and lowered efficiencies, resulting in considerable economic losses.


Camfil APC sales representative Luis Sanchez of the Procequip company proposed a GS8 Farr Gold Series industrial dust collector. Because of the high dust loading, the HemiPleat® Gold Cone cartridges with double gaskets would prevent the dust from reaching the clean air plenum of the dust collector and escaping into the atmosphere. This dust collector also included an abrasion resistant inlet and baffles that are recommended for abrasive applications such as shot blasting.

With the installation of the GS8, Crown is consuming less energy, saving on maintenance costs, and eliminating all the environmental issues generated in their process.