HemiPleat® eXtreme Dust Collector Filters


HemiPleat eXtreme Media

In addition to the standard PolyTech™ filter media, HemiPleat® is also available with eXtreme nanofiber media. Nanotechnology allows base material to have larger pore sizes, thus reducing the pressure drop and allowing the nanofibers to provide a superior efficiency layer.

HemiPleat eXtreme media improves filtration efficiencies, is more durable, and can withstand rigorous pulse-cleaning. These advantages extend filter life and lower operation costs, saving you money.

Key Benefits of HemiPleat eXtreme

  • MERV 15 efficiency rating – higher than the base paper rating of MERV 10 and competitors’ MERV 13 Nano Web product.
  • Delivers long-term low-pressure drop on difficult applications like laser and plasma cutting, welding, thermal spray, etc.
  • HemiPleat eXtreme coating is thick, durable and can be seen. Competitive nanocoatings are so thin they can’t even be seen—is it even there?

What is the efficiency rating?

The photos below show eXtreme fine fiber layer (image A) applied to the surface of base cellulose fibers (B) to increase efficiency from a MERV 10 up to a MERV 15, which is higher than most other nanofiber filters on the market at MERV 13.

MERV is an ASHRAE standard efficiency scale going from 1 to 16, with 16 being the highest. Camfil APC also offers our High Efficiency (HE) media which has a MERV 16 rating for maximum initial efficiency. Mass emissions are below 0.001 gr/dscf on most applications.

A. Cellulose Polyester Blend with eXtreme coating

B. Cellulose Polyester Blend

Why is HemiPleat eXtreme better?

  • Lower pressure drop through open pleat spacing improves cleaning efficiency, which will reduce energy costs through less compressed air consumption during cleaning in many applications.
  • More media is available for filtration, resulting in improved performance and longer life.
  • The separation beads, not the media pleats, contact the inner cage, protecting the media from frictional damage.
  • Camfil APC guarantees performance in writing—ask about the HemiPleat Guarantee.

In addition to Gold Cone® cartridges for the Gold Series, HemiPleat eXtreme media is available as retrofit upgrade filters for all cartridge dust collectors. Request and download data sheets to see eXtreme media types available.