Paperboard and Packaging


Dust particles become airborne during the manufacture and processing of paperboard, plastic and metal packaging materials. Airborne dusts must be captured and contained before they can be inhaled by workers or cause combustible dust explosions. Because these particles pose both occupational exposure risks and combustible dust hazards, dust collection systems make packaging fabrication and production facilities safer and cleaner. Dust collectors constantly circulate the dust-laden air through an industrial dust collection system to filter out the particles. After the dust is removed from the air, the clean air is safely returned indoors or exhausted outdoors. A well-designed and -maintained dust collection system cost-effectively captures and contains all dust generated when manufacturing packaging materials.

Packaging Materials that Generate Dust:

  • Paperboard
  • Metal cans
  • Plastic containers
  • Modular construction – easy to build and assemble in limitless sizes and configurations
  • Tested to meet NFPA & ATEX standards
  • Available with numerous explosion protection options
  • Exceeds OSHA mandates for factory air quality
  • Less pulse cleaning of filter cartridges is necessary, so the filters last longer and require fewer changeouts
  • Smaller footprints are possible because each unit handles more airflow
  • Ships in as few pieces as possible for fast delivery
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance
  • Built on 20 years of reliable field dust collection performance
  • Gold Cone® filter cartridge contains 350 square feet of media, offering the industry’s highest air-to-cloth ratio
Safety and Occupational Exposure Concerns

Clean air is essential for worker safety in facilities manufacturing packaging materials. These processes generate airborne particles that can cause health problems for workers, causing serious illness and even death.

Combustible Dusts

The dusts created by manufacturing paper, plastic and metal packaging materials can be explosive. Dust collectors minimize the amount of combustible dust that can collect on floors and other surfaces, and they contain dust in one area. But the dust collectors themselves can be a fire or explosion hazard if they are designed incorrectly or not equipped with controls that prevent deflagration and contain explosions. These controls include fire retardant cartridges, sprinkler connections, explosion vents, suppression systems and backdraft dampers.

All Camfil APC dust collectors safely contain combustible dusts and are equipped with deflagration controls.

The dangers of combustible dust explosions in the food industry have been known for many years. Here are some industry articles on combustible dust hazards:

Gold Series Industrial Dust Collection Machine


The Gold Series Dust Collector has proven itself to work well in cardboard, paper scrap, metal and plastic packaging applications. The vertical cartridge design is well suited for these applications compared with bag collectors. Its cross-flow inlet design and vertical pleated cartridges keep materials from bridging, especially in corrugated boxboard production. For paper slits, cutoffs and extremely fibrous material, nylon overbags can be installed on the cartridges to prevent bridging and wedging in the pleats. Constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel to meet the demands of your application, the collector has unparalleled strength and life compared to the competition. It offers high performance, a modular design and ease of service.  Coupled with Gold Cone™ vertical cartridge technology, it offers superior pulse cleaning of high-loading dust while simultaneously utilizing the smallest floor space of any dust collector available today.

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