A Compact, Fully Assembled and Pre-wired Metal Dust Collector

Gold Series X-Flo Package (GSXP) dust and fume collectors are compact, fully assembled and prewired for CNC laser and plasma cutting systems. They are built on core technology that’s been proven in the field for more than 20 years. GSXP collectors ship fully assembled so you can plug them right into your cutting line. All internal electrical connections, controls and accessories are factory assembled and ready to go.

GSXP units are constructed with heavy-duty 7 & 10 gauge steel, and are powder coated inside and out for maximum durability. Crossflow technology combined with a unique baffle configuration creates a uniform airflow that extends filter life. They handle airflows from up to 3,000 cfm using 2, 4 or 6 HemiPleat eXtreme® Gold Cone® X-Flo filter cartridges, depending on the required airflow. You get the maximum airflow and metal dust processing power for any given footprint while maintaining a low pressure drop.

GSXPs are the most durable, versatile, and cost-efficient dust collectors on the market for metal cutting applications.

Key Features of the GSXP


Each Gold Cone X-Flo filter cartridge  contains 375 square feet of HemiPleat® eXtreme media, which provides filtration efficiencies up to MERV 15 per ASHRAE 52.2:2007. This enables your facility to meet or exceed OSHA indoor air quality standards for most metal dusts. Additional HEPA modules can be added to increase the efficiency, allowing indoor air recirculation for applications with much lower permissible exposure limits (PELs) such as stainless steel cutting applications that produce hex chrome. The pleats are held open and evenly spaced using synthetic beads. 40% of the pleats are downward-facing, so more dust is ejected straight into the hopper with each cleaning pulse. That means that each filter performs better and lasts longer, requiring fewer change-outs. The reverse pulse cleaning system can be used with on-demand, manual and remote controls. Click here to view a 1-minute video explaining how pulse-cleaning works.


A built-in spark baffle reduces the chance of spark-generated fires. Additional HEPA filtration modules can be added to further increase the efficiency, allowing indoor recirculation of air on applications that have much lower personal exposure limits.


  • Integrated spark arrester
  • Smoke and fume alarm (pre-wired and installed)
  • Weather cover for outdoor use
  • Riga-Flo after filter
  • HEPA after filter
  • Dry fire suppression and/or sprinklers
  • Drum kit
  • Compressed air regulator (pre-plumbed and installed)
  • Explosion venting

Managing Metal Fabrication Dust and Fumes