Aplicaciones de extracción de polvo en Minería:

Excavation Sites

  • Large open-pit mines
  • Quarries
  • Underground operations

Coarse and Fine Ore Processing Plants

  • Primary crushing and overland conveying
  • Secondary and tertiary fine ore crushing, screening and conveying
  • High Pressure Grinding (HPGR) and High Pressure Roll Crushing (HRC) and conveying
  • Crushed ore storage bins
  • Lime storage silos
  • Assay labs for processing core samples
  • Pressuring electrical control rooms

Video: Expert Discusses Dust Collection for Mining

El control del polvo de la industria minera en las excavaciones, en los puntos de transferencia y emplazamientos similares es un reto importante. La EPA establece estrictos límites anuales para las cantidades de emisiones. Si las emisiones son demasiado altas, la producción puede verse recortada. Por eso un diseño adecuado y la selección del equipo de extracción de polvo es una tarea tan importante. La reducción de las emisiones permite la producción de mayor cantidad de producto. Nuestros Captadores de polvo Farr Gold Series han sido probados para emisiones de .69 mg/dscm durante la trituración de roca gruesa.

Captador de polvo Farr Gold Series en funcionamiento en un transportador de una estación de trasbordo.

Los innovadores captadores Farr Gold Series de Camfil se adaptan específicamente a la industria minera por su construcción extremadamente robusta. Su diseño modular compacto optimiza su flexibilidad en campo y se integra bien con el transportador en la ventilación de tolvas.

Benefits of the Farr Gold Series for Mining

  • High efficiency filters stop 99.99% at 0.5µ of the dust!
  • Unique high-entry inlet design allows large particles to drop out, eliminating can velocity and giving longer filter life.
  • Special treated filter media repels the fine particle for lower pressure drop and long filter life.
  • Exceeds the lowest emissions requirements for compliance stack testing with results of less than 0.001 gr/dscf on hard rock crushing screening and conveying operations.

Two GS96 Units at a Nickel Mine

What sets Camfil APC apart as the leader in high efficiency filtration design is the Gold Cone cartridge filter, which combined with our unique collector design, results in a solution that works well in a harsh mining environment.

Custom Components for Mining Applications

  • Abrasion resistant inlet with slanted baffle
  • UHMW inlet wear liner
  • Outlet stack extension with test port
  • Stainless steel tubing between solenoid and diaphragm valves
  • Quick closing valve for diaphragm valve
  • Heavy-duty rotary airlock with chrome lining

Below the following items display elements and functionality of mining dust collectors.

A. Gold Cone®HemiPleat® Filter Cartridge

B. Inlet Baffle Wear Design

C. UHMW Wear Compound

D. Rotary Airlock with Chrome Lining, Tenv Mill/Chem w/ Zero Speed Switch

The Farr Gold Series has additional unique features and options not covered here, including provisions for future needs and expansions. Farr will help with finding solutions to specific problems that you are trying to solve.

Moisture Concerns

One of the main concerns with cartridge dust collectors is how well the pleated cartridge design will hold up against moisture. Will the moisture in the ore present plugging problems?

Not with the HemiPleat®.Take a look at the standard "dimple-pleat" separation method versus the Gold Cone® filter with HemiPleat pleating technology:

Standard Dimple-pleat Separation Method

Camfil APC's Exclusive HemiPleat Design

Video: HemiPleat Pulse Cleaning

The key to the HemiPleat's superior performance is Camfil APC's exclusive, state-of-the-art pleating technology. Synthetic beads hold the pleats of the cartridge open with wide pleat spacing not found in competitive cartridges, which are packed too tightly to maximize media use, especially in mining applications. The wider spacing of the HemiPleat design improves cartridge release characteristics during pulse cleaning, greatly reducing the potential for plugging. For very high moisture applications, we have our Dura-Pleat filter, which shares a design with the HemiPleat, but uses a spun-bond polyester material for ensuring moisture will not degrade filter life.

Gold Cone cartridge filters near the 2-year mark in operation on a mining application.

Proper Sizing of the Farr Gold Series

Mining applications require a specific, maximum air-to-cloth ratio when sizing up the dust collector system for the intended operation. Camfil APC has professional personnel with many years of experience in the mining industry to review your project and propose a customized Farr Gold Series system.

Farr Gold Series capturing fugitive dust over a conveyor

Contact us here at Camfil APC and we will put you in touch with one of our Farr Gold Series experts for mining applications. They will work with you to size up the right system, looking at all items that could be a concern: process temperature, ambient air temperatures, condensation, wear issues, and meeting low emissions limits.  You'll also learn about the with the necessary features and options for the Farr Gold Series that can be used to solve your dust problems.

Farr Gold Series capturing fugitive dust over a conveyor

Lista de clientes de la industria minera

  • Unimin Corporation
  • Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold
  • Grupo Mexico
  • Southern Peru Copper
  • Codelco
  • Unimin Corporation
  • Ravensthorpe Nickel
  • Barrick Gold
  • Carlotta Copper
  • Simcala
  • Oglebay Norton Specialty Minerals
  • KGHM
  • Lakeshore Gold
  • Hudbay Mining
  • Yamana Gold
  • Centerra Gold
  • Teck
  • Antamina
  • Minera Suyamarca
  • Unidad Minera Alpamarca
  • Mesabi Nugget
  • Frontera Copper
  • United Taconite

The Éléonore Project- Building a World Class Mine

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