Filter elements for industrial extraction systems

Camfil offers a wide range of high-quality round and oval filter cartridges as well as flat plate filter elements for our own brand and also retrofits for many other makes and models of dust and fume extraction systems on the market. We provide our unique Hemipleat or Dura-Pleat medias with various properties such as flame retardant, anti-static, water & oil repellent etc. to enable solutions for many applications in metal working, food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical processing as well as automotive eMobility component manufacturing.


The high efficiency of pleated media and the versatility of synthetic.

Round retrofit filter cartridges

High-quality cartridge filters to retrofit the most common dry dust extraction systems on the market.

Oval Retrofit Filter Cartridges

Retrofit filters for any dust & fume extraction systems using oval filter cartridges.

Retrofit Filter Plates

High-performance retrofit filter plates which directly fit into the most common dust & fume extraction systems on the market. Application-specific media options available.