Process exhaust air generated from industrial manufacturing processes mostly contain harmful dust, fume or other particles which have to be extracted and separated reliably before they enter the ambient air of the production hall. Camfil APC’s dry dust collectors and fume extractors help you to handle these emissions thoroughly in order to avoid health threats for your workers as well as quality issues on your processes caused by dust deposits on the machinery or the products. To make our dust and fume collection systems perfectly fit with your manufacturing processes, we offer a wide range of models and air volumes which can be equipped with different filter media or for example explosion protection systems if needed.

Gold Series X-FLO

Modular dust collection system for various industrial applications.


GS Camtain®

Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and containment applications.

Quad Pulse Package

Quad Pulse Package

The compact collector of choice for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Quantum Series®

Compact dust and fume collector designed to meet the demands of the thermal cutting, metal processing and welding industries.

GS High Vacuum

Gold Series® High Vacuum

Used for applications up to 17 in HG or 8 psi positive pressure.