Dust Collectors for Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage Manufacturing

Farr Gold Series® Camtain® Options

Containment systems and other equipment options designed specifically for the GS Camtain in pharmaceutical applications are available.

Safe Change Filter Replacement system for contained filter change-out

Containment Systems

Safe-change containment systems are available for both the filter cartridges and discharge system. The cartridge change utilizes a safe change filter replacement method while the discharge uses continuous liner technology. Watch video.

Video: Dust Collector Containment Options

Other Pharma Specific Options

In addition to the safe-change containment systems above, the GS Camtain has special options just for pharmaceutical applications including:

  • Pharmaceutical Upgrade Package
    • Heavy duty construction and stiffeners rate housing to 0.44785 bar
    • Deflectors added to eliminate all internal horizontal ledges
    • Closed cell silicone gaskets and caulk at all bolted connections
    • HEPA filter on the pressure taps for the pressure differential   gauge.
  • Explosion Vent
    • Burst detector
    • Vertical plenum
    • Up to 1016 mm diameter vent duct
    • Weather hood
  • Chemical suppression
  • Chemical Isolation
  • Mechanical Isolation

Continuous liner containment system for dust discharge.

Two Farr Gold Series Camtain CGS6 models on a pharmaceutical application in Guayama, P.R.



Proper Application of the Farr Gold Series Camtain