Many companies have always just exhausted their weld fume outside. This has been an option for companies especially in temperate climates where heating or cooling the manufacturing plant was not necessary. Plants in colder climates have been able to justify the expense of  a cartridge collector, which saved energy costs by filtering the air and returning the conditioned air back into the workspace.

Most of these systems could see a payback within 2-3 years just on the energy savings alone, not to mention a cleaner and healthier environment for the workers.

There is a new EPA regulation that will change all of that. No longer will plants be able to just exhaust the contaminated air outside. The new standard is the National emission standards for hazardous air pollutants area source standards for nine metal fabrication and finishing source categories.

The new EPA standard was established on July 23, 2008. Any new facility built after this date had to meet the new standard. All other facilities must comply by July 25, 2011. Notification of compliance must be submitted before November 22, 2011 if it is an existing facility or if it is a new facility 120 days after start up or by November 20, 2008, whichever is later.

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