JONESBORO, Ark., June 29, 2018 – Camfil APC has designed its Gold Series® industrial dust collectors to remove hazardous and nuisance dusts from factories while occupying the smallest possible floor space. Gold Series collectors are built from 3-foot-six-inch square modules that can be combined in dozens of configurations to fit the specific work environment. Each module accommodates airflows up to 5,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) using four pleated filter cartridges mounted in a symmetrical frame.

The modular design enables customized Gold Series dust collectors to be specified, built and shipped quickly. Camfil APC experts work with customers to design the exact collector needed for their specific applications while minimizing energy usage. They can be built to meet airflow requirements of 100,000 cfm and beyond.

Gold Series collectors are built from heavy-duty carbon steel that is powder coated to provide maximum strength and durability. Filter cartridges are oriented vertically, which provides more efficient pulse-cleaning of high dust loads.

Customizable options include:

  • Explosion protection systems that meet NFPA standards for handling combustible dust
  • Bag-in/bag-out containment systems that allow workers to replace dirty filters without being exposed to hazardous dusts
  • Self-dumping hoppers

Gold Series dust collectors use the latest filter technology – HemiPleat® cartridges with Gold Cone® filter inserts. The pleats on HemiPleat cartridges remain open and use more filter media, while the Gold Cone insert opens up even more usable space for airflow. Filter cartridges last longer because they capture more dust with a lower pressure drop and release more of that dust during pulse cleaning. They also require less compressed air and demand less energy from the fan motor.

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