Handte Vortex Dual – Efficient Wet Scrubbing Technology

Vortex Dual is also designed for medium dust loads and combines the working principle of the Vortex wet scrubber with the disintegration principle. Here again, the polluted exhaust air is tangentially introduced and creates a vortex sink on the surface of the scrubbing water. This generates an intensive water vortex through which the polluted exhaust air is led. Intensive mixing causes the pollutants to bond to the scrubbing water. In addition, in the second cleaning stage, the high speeds and constant direction changes of the disintegration wheel cause the ultrafine pollutants to bind in the scrubbing water. In the downstream demister unit, the polluted scrubbing water is dispersed onto the outer wall and separated through the high circumferential speeds of the disintegration wheel. Higher separation efficiency is achieved through this functional principle. The purified exhaust air is moved and discharged by the centrally positioned ventilator. The separated pollutants are fully or partially isolated in the collection area of the scrubbing water through sedimentation processes. They can be disposed of using various discharge systems.


Flammable and explosive dusts, steel dusts, aluminium, magnesium and titanium dusts, rubber, leather and plastic fines.


  • Unique disintegration principle
  • For medium and fine particle diameters
  • High degree of separation
  • No filter elements required
  • Low height, minimal space requirement
  • Low-maintenance
  • Dust-free maintenance and repair