Our S1000 welding table is compactly designed for use in any workshop for fabrication and repairs. It is robustly constructed from heavy duty square profiles, fully welded and powder coated (except for work surface). At the work area there is built in downdraft extraction and combined with the integrated flexible 2mtr CamArm, this enables the source capture of all fumes, dust and sparks created. Airflow can be balanced by separate dampers for arm and downdraft zone. The surface is coated with a conductive surface protection and there are earthing points on both left & right hand side of the table for grounding cable connection. An optional rotating plate is available to help with maneuvering of parts. The table can be connected with its own dedicated exhaust fan unit, or to a larger central exhausting and filtering system.

Key Features:

  • 2 extraction points for efficient capture of fumes and dust
  • Conductive corrosion protection
  • Grounding connections
  • Easy to adjust airflow with two built-in dampers (within the arm and table)
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Protection of employees and workplace


  • Heavy duty workbench with two exhausts for welding, cutting, grinding and many more for those who require reliable and long operational lifetime equipment
  • Air pollution capture with downdraft and within range of fume arm


  • Arm CAMARM1620P 160 dia arm x 2 m
  • Option: fan / motor assembly ZWR-03 + Switch_03
  • Option: fixed back & 2 hinged sides
  • Option: 350dia revolving round plate for easy manoeuvring of pieces when working
  • Heavy duty work bench square profile construction powder painted
  • Rigid, heavy duty, welded steel construction
  • Downdraft within the table surface
  • All parts powder coated (except for work surface)

Technical Data:

  • Nominal air volume: 1,000 m³/h
  • Weight (without arm): 120 kg
  • Noise level: 76 dB(a)
  • Motor power supply (voltage): 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Motor power: 0,75 kw
  • Size: 1,230 x 844 x 881 mm (w x d x h)