Our extraction arms are the most versatile, durable and economical method of source capture of dust and fumes. Smooth steel tubes, flexible hoses and external joints make the arms easy to work with and keep them in position for required time. There are no internal components and as such easy to maintain and keep clean, maintaining excellent extraction rates to ensure a clean and healthy air environment in your workplace and protection of the operators from harmful dusts and welding fumes.

Key Features:

  • Lower static pressure & noise levels because of the smooth steel tubes
  • Simple and stable positioning during operation using grab handles and swivel
  • Minimum internal dust build up
  • Can be ducted into other systems or use dedicated extraction fan connection
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Protection of employees and workplace
  • Options – lighting within hood


  • Welding, grinding, cutting, polishing, painting, packaging
  • Standard temperature resistance up to 80° C
  • Recommended airflow range, 900-2,500 m³/h
  • Local air pollution capture excluding chemically aggressive fumes and gases


  • 160 mm dia (with 315 mm hood inlet)
  • 200 mm dia (with 350 mm hood inlet)
  • 3 mtr or 4 mtr reach external supports and joint system
  • Easy maintainance because of external joints and hinges
  • Aluminium hood with air diverter (yellow)
  • Grab handle all around the hood
  • Cast aluminium middle and swivel joints
  • Aluminium and steel mounting swivel
  • Standard built-in air damper
  • Powder paint coated

Technical Data:


  • Airflow range 900 – 1,400 m3/ h
  • Temperature resistance up to 80°C
  • 315 mm hood inlet


  • Airflow range 1,400 – 2,500 m3/ h
  • Temperature resistance up to 80° C
  • 350 mm hood inlet

Additional Information