Capturing dust & fumes directly at the source, at various locations.

Camfil APC’s range of mobile extraction units and static source capture equipment provides a compact, flexible and effective way to clean up your workshop environment. In today’s workplace due to changing legislation, stricter control measures are needed for the protection of employees in order to reduce the risk to health associated with airborne dust and fumes generated during the welding and metal working processes. Manufactured in a metal construction and with a durable powder painted finish our extraction systems are built for the environment in which they are to be used. This build quality combined with utilizing Camfil’s cleanable Hemipleat Extreme and optional absolute HEPA filter technology inside provides you with the lifetime and performance you need from this versatile range.

Zephyr Compact

Ideal & economical solution for your basic light to medium dust fume extraction needs.

Zephyr III Portable Dust Collector

Zephyr III®

The ideal dust collector for source-capture applications.

Zephyr Giant

Designed for using when a larger air volume is needed for extraction.

CamArm Extraction Arms

CamArm Extraction Arms

Durable and economical method of at-source air pollution capture.


Work station equipped with air pollution capture and exhaust devices.

Grinding Bench GM1500LS

Containment of sparks and metal particles within this micro environment protecting the operator and the workplace