Compact Oil Mist Separator for heavy processing with full lubrication

The Handte Expert Compact was specially developed for easy integration in tooling machines for small to medium air volumes as a flexible oil mist separator for different range of application. Depending on the application, the size 1.0 can be used with an air volume from 1.100 m³/h up to 1.400 m³/h.


Its areas of application are tooling machines with heavy processing with full lubrication (emulsion or oil). Due to the high flexibility, the most diverse applications can be served, especially in the field of aerosol mist separation. with high exposure due to extreme cutting power.

Key Features:

  • Compact construction
  • Maximum filter area
  • ISO ePM1 80% separation efficiently (filtration) with optional EPA11 or HEPA13 filter
  • Low energy consumption due to low pressure loss
  • Long service life: up to 6000 hours or 2 years
  • Toolless filter change
  • Plug & work
  • Optional available forward-looking EC technology

Highest Separation Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption

Progressive filter design and maximized filter surface area; highest separation efficiency and low emission values; optimized filter media enable the best possible oil drainage during continuous operation; long service life and high plant availability even under extreme load.

The best possible combination of different filter layers in order to achieve the highest separation efficiency with ideal drainage function ensures long service life at moderate differential pressures and thus low energy and operating costs can be expected.



Low Space Requirement and Flexible Installation

Thanks to its space-saving and attractive design, the EM-O Compact can be easily integrated in existing machine tools. Possible setups:

  • Topmount
  • Next to a machine with an additional available support rack
  • In the technical center, e.g. hydraulic area of machine tools.

An electrical connection can be easily performed via various available interfaces, following the principle of plug and play.


Technical Data
  • Air performance: 1.100 - 1.400 m³/h
  • Installed motor: (IE3) 2,2 kW
  • Filter class: >ISO ePM1 80% separation efficiently (filtration) with optional EPA11 or HEPA13 filter
  • Coolant lubricant: handling prepared for feedback
  • Noise level: 72 - 74 dB(A)
  • Weight: from 185 kg (depending on configuration)
  • Dimensions: see dimension table

Optimized, Light Weight Filter Elements For Easy Maintenance

The design of the filter elements guarantees easy replacement without tools due to their low weight, compact design and special installation situation.