Powerful emulsion and oil mist separator with a modular design

The Handte EM-O Flex separator has been designed as a flexible modular system for medium to high air capacities, serving as a central separation system. Its areas of application include series production as well as individual applications on large machine tools with full lubrication (emulsion or oil) and for selected minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). An individual module can be used with an air capacity of 4,000 m³/ h to 8.000 m³/ h and, in a combination of up to six modules, with up to 48,000 m³/ h.

Flexible Application

Due to its high degree of flexibility, it can be used for different applications in metal cutting, e.g. grinding, turning, milling, etc., especially in aerosol separation.

Key features of the EM-O Flex mist collector

  • Flexible configuration for emulsion, oil, and MQL applications
  • Easy adjustment to changed process conditions
  • Modular system with an air capacity from 4,000 m³/h up to 48,000 m³/h
  • Best separation efficiency
  • Optimised maintenance
  • Energy-saving
  • Minimal footprint
Newly developed filter elements EM-O Pack and EM-O Bag: lightweight and easy to maintain

The newly developed filter elements EM-O Pack for the main filter stage unite coarse and fine filter stage in one housing. The media can be combined depending on load, particle properties and air volume. The EM-O Pack filter cassettes impress with their low weight, compact design and special installation situation. Large maintenance doors simplify tool-free filter change. The additional coarse pre-separator, e.g. for chips and coarse particles, is easy to clean and can additionally be equipped with the filter element EM-O Bag for optimised pre-separation, e.g. of solid or larger dirt loads. Thanks to its design, the EM-O Bag can be changed very easily and quickly and allows space-saving disposal with the separated dirt (100% incinerable). Recirculation of separated liquids is a standard feature for each module.

Maximum separation efficiency, lowest energy consumption

With its progressive filter structue and the maximised filter area, the separator achieves maximum separation efficiency and low emission values corresponding to ePM1 80% and better. Optimised filter media ensure the best possible drainage of separated aerosols during continuous operation, long service lives of the filter elements and high plant availability.
The maximised filter area in particular ensures that minimum differential pressures are maintained, guaranteeing considerable long-term energy savings in operation.

Ease of use & maintenance

The devices of the EM-O Flex range impress with their high ease of use and maintenance. Large service doors and quick locks, the user-friendly installation size of the separator and the optimised weight of the filter elements facilitate one-man operation from the ground.



Low space requirements and stackable

Thanks to the flexible modular system and the available transport options via integrated forklift slots and lifting eyes, it is easy to install, even in areas that are difficult to access, e. g. on platforms or in technical equipment rooms.

Advantages of the modular design

  • Flexible configuration possible for emulsion, oil and MQL applications in metal processing
  • Fast delivery times thanks to standardised installation
  • Optimised basic modules for optimal utilisation of capacity
  • Simple transport and installation
  • Easy system expansion to increase capacity
For central systems or individual applications

The modular principle of the Handte EM-O Flex facilitates both a serial and parallel connection of the systems. For standard applications, the individual separation systems are usually connected in parallel; for special applications, such as grinding processes with oil or other processes with extremely high loads, in series.

The illustration shows an example of a customer installation in a technical equipment room for the separation of oil and emulsion mist in a metal-cutting workshop with a downstream heat exchanger for heat recovery and a conveying fan with sound-insulating base for exhaust air guidance.

Adapted to your requirements

On request, the separation system Handte EM-O Flex can be adapted to the requirements of your applications with various accessories:

  • sprayer
  • drain line
  • siphon
  • recirculation pump
  • raw/clean gas collector
  • differential pressure monitoring
  • collection tray