Industrial machining processes generate coolant or oil mist which has to be controlled before entering the ambient air. Depending on the application process and composition of the cooling lubricants, these machining mist collectors are also referred to as oil mist collectors or coolant mist collectors. Mist collectors extract the process air from the working area of machine tools to minimize the hazards for the operator when opening the doors for changing tools or workpieces. This is mandatory to protect the workers occupational health, to eliminate safety risks and to control the indoor air quality. The cleaned process air can be returned to the production hall or outside to the environment. The product range for coolant and oil mist extraction from Camfil APC includes various solutions for centralised or decentralised mist collection as well as systems for machine tool integration. Due to the latest filter technologies our industrial mist collectors combine the advantages of filtering separators and coalescence separators and provide best filtration efficiencies together with low energy consumption. Coolant and oil mist collectors from Camfil APC provide tailor-made and reliable extraction solutions for your applications and ensure clean air for your production.

Handte Oil Expert

Handte Oil Expert

Oil mist collector providing best filtration efficiencies with ultra-fine mist and fume.

EM Expert

Handte EM Expert

Coolant mist collector with multi-stage filtration and self-cleaning filter elements.


Compact oil mist collector for heavy processing with full lubrication.

Handte EM-O Compact

Compact coolant and oil mist collector for machine tool integration. Plug & Play.

EM-O Flex

Handte EM-O Flex

Industrial mist collector which can be easily adjusted to changed process conditions (emulsion, oil, MQL).