With extraction solutions from Camfil APC you not only improve the air quality in your production, you also protect your employees, the processes and the environment from harmful emissions. With our comprehensive range of extraction technologies we provide solutions for almost all industrial applications in various industries. No matter if you require a dry dust and fume collector, a wet scrubber or a mist separator - at Camfil we find the right extraction solution tailored to your needs! Furthermore, our customers benefit from an extensive range of services around the extraction systems, including maintenance as well as a large selection of replacement filters and spar parts.

Dry Dust & Fume Collectors

Gold Series X-FLO

Modular dust collection system for various industrial applications.

Camtain Industrial Dust Collector

Gold Series® Camtain

Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and containment applications.

Quad Pulse Package

Quad Pulse Package

The compact collector of choice for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Quantum Series®

Compact dust and fume collector designed to meet the demands of the thermal cutting, metal processing and welding industries.

Gold Series® High Vacuum

Used for applications up to 17 in HG or 8 psi positive pressure.

Coolant and Oil Mist Separators

Handte Oil Expert

Handte Oil Expert

High-efficiency, high-end solution for oil mist separation.

EM Expert

Handte EM Expert

Emulsion mist separation in manufacturing applications.


Compact Oil Mist Separator for heavy processing with full lubrication.

EM-O Compact Mist Collector

EM-O Compact

An affordable option for simple integration with machine tools.

EM-O Flex

Handte EM-O Flex

Powerful emulsion and oil mist separator with a modular design.

Wet Scrubbers

Handte Vortex

Handte Vortex

Designed for medium dust loads and works according to the Vortex principle.

Vortex Dual

Handte Vortex Dual

Designed for medium dust loads and combines the working principle of the Vortex wet scrubber with the disintegration principle

Handte Venturi

Handte Venturi

Wet scrubber is designed for high dust loads and functions according to the Venturi principle.


Zephyr Compact

360º rotating flexible arm and easy to change filter with quick clamping system.

Zephyr III Portable Dust Collector

Zephyr III®

The ideal dust collector for source-capture applications.

Zephyr Giant

Designed for using when a larger air volume is needed for extraction.

CamArm Extraction Arms

CamArm Extraction Arms

Durable and economical method of at-source air pollution capture.


Work station equipped with air pollution capture and exhaust devices.

Grinding Bench GM1500LS

Containment of sparks and metal particles within this micro environment protecting the operator and the workplace



High-performance filter cartridges for the Gold Series X-Flo dust & fume collector.

Gold Series Gold Cone Filter Cartridges

Improved dust load handling and release when pulse cleaned, wide range of media properties.

Filter Cartridge Quantum Series

Quantum Series filter cartridge to capture emissions from thermal cutting processes.

Round retrofit filter cartridges

High-quality cartridge filters to retrofit the most common dry dust extraction systems on the market.

Oval Retrofit Filter Cartridges

Replacement Filters For Extraction Systems Using Oval Filter Cartridges.

Retrofit Filter Plates

High-performance retrofit filter plates which directly fit into the most common dust & fume extraction systems on the market. Application-specific media options available.


Volume Flow Monitoring

To protect from hazardous emissions, reduces energy costs.

Explosion Protection Options

Explosion vents, explosion isolation valves and ISMF´s for dust collectors meeting ATEX standards.

Gold Link

Condition Monitoring

With GoldLink you always keep an eye on the condition of your filter elements.


Controller for industrial dust, fume and mist collectors.

Self Dumping Hoppers

Self-dumping Hoppers

Simplified dust disposal with leak protection when connected to dust collector.


Unique Farr Gold Series accessories specifically for pharmaceutical applications.

Cartridge Overbags

Nylon overbags prevent bridging and wedging of fibrous dusts.

Clean Sweep Vacuum

An economical clean-up solution for removing fugitive dust.