At Camfil APC we pride ourselves on our outstanding line of products. From dust and fume collection – to mist extraction we cover a wide variety of applications. In addition to our collectors, we offer a full range of filters as replacements for our current collector line, as well as aftermarket replacement filters for competitor collectors. Check out our products below and learn why Camfil APC is the industry leader in dust, fume and mist collection.

Dry Dust & Fume Collectors

Farr Gold Series

Farr Gold Series®

The industry leader in dust and fume collection.

Camtain Industrial Dust Collector

Farr Gold Series® Camtain

Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and containment applications.

Quad Pulse Package

The compact collector of choice for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Farr Gold Series® High Vacuum

Used for applications up to 17 in HG or 8 psi positive pressure.

Farr Gold Series® GS4M Mini

Small-application dust collection king.

Farr Gold Series® GS-Mini

Single-cartridge dust collector for sub 500 CFM applications.

Farr Gold Series® High GSP

Fully assembled and pre-wired solution for the metal cutting industry.

Zephyr III®

The ideal dust collector for source-capture applications.

Handte Wet Scrubbers

High-efficiency, low-maintenance wet dust removal.

Quantum Series®

Compact dust and fume collector designed to meet the demands of the thermal cutting, metal processing and welding industries.

Machining Mist Collectors

Handte Oil Expert

High-efficiency, high-end solution for oil mist separation.

Handte EM Profi

Modular high-efficiency emulsion (coolant) mist separation.

Handte EM Expert Mist Collector

Handte EM Expert

Emulsion mist separation in manufacturing applications.


HemiPleat® Retrofits

Improve the performance of your existing dust collector.


The high efficiency of pleated media and the versatility of synthetic.


GoldLink Diagnostics

Anytime access to dust collection diagnostics.

Explosion Vents

High-performance explosion vents for dust collectors meet NFPA standards.

Self-dumping Hoppers

Simplified dust disposal with leak protection when connected to dust collector.


Unique Farr Gold Series accessories specifically for pharmaceutical applications.

Cartridge Overbags

Nylon overbags prevent bridging and wedging of fibrous dusts.

Explosion Isolation

StingerTM Explosion Isolation Valve