Dust Collectors for the Food & Beverage Industries

Companies in the food processing industry take raw agricultural products (such as grains) and turn them into the food products that we eat everyday (like bread, cereal and milk powder). Dust collection applications can include dried food ingredients from coarse grains to fine spices and additives. For sugars, whey and other sticky dusts, we fit the Farr Gold Series industrial dust collector with spun-bond Dura-Pleat®  cartridges, which have high release efficiency. The Farr Gold Series is perfect for high efficiency filtration where recovery of the product is not required.

We also supply bespoke, turnkey solutions for all types of canning lines.

Common Dusts:

  • Cereal ingredients
  • Spices
  • Feed and raw grain agricultural products
  • Egg shell and dust
  • Sugar dust

Special considerations:

  • Allergens
  • Flours
  • Corn starches
  • Hygroscopic dusts

Safety Considerations

A clean food processing facility is vital for worker and visitor safety. Slips and falls are a constant concern for anyone running a food processing business. Keeping fugitive dust contained minimizes slippery floors. Some food ingredients are allergens, another serious concern for those who are affected. Airborne allergen particles could cause serious illness and even death if ingested continuously or at high levels.

Flours, sugar dust, milk powder, peanut dust, soft-drink additives powder, corn starch and other starches can be explosive. In these applications, each Farr Gold Series is expertly fitted with explosion vents to meet NFPA requirements. Camfil APC has numerous Farr Gold Series operating on these applications.

The dangers of combustible dust explosions in the food industry have been known for many years, however the only applicable OSHA legislation has been geared toward grain dust. Here's an industry article on this subject:

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