Most industrial manufacturing processes and applications cause process exhaust air like dust, fume or coolant mist. These emissions can be not only harmful to the health of employees, but also to the production processes and the environment. Therefore authorities oblige companies to capture and extract these emissions to meet the local occupational safety, health and environmental regulations. To extract and filter this emissions, dust, fume and mist collectors are used to provide clean air for the production environment. The appropriate extraction systems are selected based on the respective manufacturing processes, the processed materials and the required air volume. In this way, the contaminated process exhaust air is reliably captured in accordance with the local requirements, cleaned and routed outside of the production hall. For certain applications and using the necessary filters, the purified process exhaust air can also be returned into the production hall.

Abrasive Blasting

Mitigating abrasive blasting dust is critical to employee health.

Chemical Processing

Chemical production poses serious health risks. Keep your air clean.

Food Processing

A clean food processing facility is vital for worker and visitor safety.

Laser Cutting

When a laser beam hits the workpiece, the material heats up, melts and cause toxic fumes.


Our Handte mist collectors will keep your facility clear of emulsion or oil mist from machining processes.


Controlling dust and minimizing emissions for maximum production.


Prevent your pharmaceutical dust from getting out of control.


Reliable collection and separating of hazardous emissions generated by plasma cutting

Thermal Spray

Prevent explosions from thermal spray dust inside your factory.


Extract dust & fumes from welding processes to improve workers safety.