StingerTM 防爆隔离阀

适用范围: 配件


  • 流程激活
  • 符合NFPA
  • 减少能耗
  • 精细的爆炸测试
  • 自我调节锁定功能

符合 NFPA 要求的进气保护

Stinger 防爆隔离阀 prevents a deflagration (explosion) that could occur in the dust collector from traveling back down the inlet pipe back into the workspace/process.



在正常运行期间,气流会使叶片保持打开状态。逆止器确保叶片处于经过批准和测试的位置。(照片  1)

如果除尘器中发生爆燃,压力波将以比前方火焰更快的速度穿过管道,并关闭止回阀,防止出现下游人员受伤和设备受损的情况。(照片 2)

当阀门完全关闭时,锁止机构会使其保持关闭状态。已关闭的阀门会阻止火焰通过阀门传播。(照片 3)

该阀门还可阻止烟雾、粉尘和燃烧碎片通过进气管到达工厂。(照片 4)

Composite Blade Advantages (Patent Pending)

The blades are made from a composite material for strength and minimum weight. Low weight is necessary for the valve to close with the highest possible speed. The design also eliminates the need for stiffeners on the back of the blade. Stiffeners allow dust build up on the blade, which increases the weight and thus, pressure required to hold the blade open. Dust on the back of the blade is also undesirable because it would provide additional fuel for the deflagration.

The front side of the blade is covered with a 3 mil abrasion resistant rubber sheeting. This does not contribute to the strength of the blade, but maintains it by protecting it from wear. Wear on a blade reduces its strength and could contribute to failure during a deflagration.

The wear liner also acts as a wear indicator. If the metal behind the liner is seen during routine inspections, it will indicate that the blade needs to be replaced. The valve seat is also replaceable but did not sustain damage during dozens of tests. The blades bolt to the square pivot shaft and are replaceable.

The Stinger explosion isolation valve features a fast acting composite blade that provides the following advantages:

  • Low weight
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Wear resistant liner
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Smooth back
  • No dust accumulation
  • Easily replaceable
  • Absorbs damage evenly and protects main valve components from damage during activation

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