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Trim Works manufactures decorative exterior moldings and fences for home construction. They import a special PVC material with a secret ingredient to fabricate their high-end products. When a new facility in Raynham, MA was being set up, our sales rep, Kevin Flynn of Ventilation Control Products, was there to quote a Gold Series dust collector.

The new facility had all new machines including 4 and 6-head molders, trim saws, shapers, routers and panel saws. They needed to move a lot of PVC dust which would consist of fines, chips and flakes.


GS32 on PVC Dust at Advanced Trim Works

Kevin sized up and sold a GS32 Gold Series® industrial dust collector with overbags on wide pleat cartridges. A 75 HP New York Blower pulls the required 18400 CFM at 16.5 s.p. Two rotary airlocks are installed under a dual hopper. An extra wide stand was designed to straddle a 20 cubic yard dumpster, although they are currently using Gaylord boxes with splitters. A hands-on demo was provided with a GS Trailer. Kevin told us later, "That's what really sold them."

The system has been meeting the challenge of the plant, running full production, 10 hours per day since installation in December 2003.

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Milling of Special PVC

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