Camfil Air Pollution Control is excited to announce that we will be reviving Camfil APC University with the opening of our new facility. For decades, Camfil APC in Jonesboro, Arkansas provided hands-on training led by our Camfil air quality experts including field salespersons, aftermarket specialists, product experts, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) experts and Camfil’s very own laboratory scientists. The training courses below will be offered to valued customers with waived training and lodging fees.

Training Course I:

Camfil APC will offer training for the Gold Series family of dust collectors. The two-day training courses focus on maintenance and troubleshooting Camfil dust collector units. The training team will walk participants through factory-recommended best practices for optimally maintaining a dust collector. Course One of the APC Academy is perfect for dust collector owners, engineers that want to understand how to maintain a dust collection system, or anyone interested in learning more about owner-related issues with dust collectors.

Training Course II:

The APC training team will offer sales and technical training that focuses on presentation techniques for the Camfil APC dry collection product line. The program will concentrate on dust collector technical details   from a sales perspective for developing Camfil demo unit presentation skills. Hands-on experience with Camfil units will cover the entire Gold Series family, including Gold Series Camtain for pharmaceutical applications and the Quad Pulse Package for pharmaceutical and chemical dusts. The target audience for this type of training is limited to Camfil exclusive representatives, dealers and Camfil employees.

Training Course III:

This is a similar structure to Course I and II; however, this session will focus on Camfil mist collection line. The program will concentrate on the mist collector technical details from a sales perspective – developing demonstration skills and hands-on experiences with all Camfil units which include the EM Profi, Oil Expert, EM Expert and EM-O Compact. The target audience for this course is also limited to Camfil representatives, dealers and Camfil employees.

Training Course IV:

One of the most important training courses offered will provide a comprehensive overview of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) combustible dust standards. Course IV is recommended for professionals needing to better understand combustible dust safety and compliance, including NFPA compliance. Participants will learn what is included in the NFPA standards with respect to dust collection. The training is based around Camfil APC’s interpretation of the standards and how to apply safety features to dust collection applications. Attendees will leave with an awareness of the NFPA standards, the definition of combustible dusts, and Camfil APC’s approach to providing safe solutions.

Training Course IV:

The final course offered covers industrial ventilation. The course offers fundamental knowledge of effective, economical, industrial ventilation practices and design techniques through the established principles found in the ACGIH Industrial Ventilation manual. The program will build from standards airflow physics into the development of a complete dust collection system. Participants will also learn about the base calculations of standard air. The program is intended for plant engineers, industrial hygienists, sales engineers, sheet metal contractors, corporate project engineers, mining engineers and professionals involved with industrial ventilation system design, maintenance, and performance.

The NFPA and Industrial Ventilation programs include continuing education (CEU) credits where Camfil APC will provide documentation of the training upon request.

Camfil’s New State-of-the-Art Facility

The new Camfil APC building will allow for increased trainee capacity compared to prior sessions with the flexibility to modify meeting spaces according to the number of participants and topics being discussed. This allows Camfil APC the opportunity to have multiple training courses simultaneously if needed.

“Camfil APC will offer multiple courses formatted to help our valued customers better understand Camfil APC product offerings,” Andy Thomason, Camfil Senior Applications Specialist said. “From an application, configuration, and maintenance standpoint, we enjoy having customers visit and train with us at our manufacturing and office site. Here, customers get a firsthand opportunity to see our products’ construction and quality, but mostly, meet the fantastic people behind our products. We look forward to extending our hospitality while our attendees learn more about the Camfil APC products.”

Training will be offered in a classroom setting with the entire plant as the class laboratory. Multiple instructors will be present during all sessions to provide well-rounded subject matter expertise. The presentations are interactive between instructor and participants, sometimes even including virtual reality (VR) technology.

To stay up to date about Camfil’s training offers and the grand opening of the new facility, please follow this link and register with an email to be the first to know when Camfil APC Academy registration goes live.